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Simply Novel Publishing and Printing

Simply Novel, established in 2005 under the name Secondary Solutions, has been publishing high-quality, professional print and digital materials for English Language Arts teachers over 10 years. Until now, we have only published our own content - our own creations under our own copyright. Because there is a general lack of high quality materials on the market for the general educational public in ALL content areas and at all grade levels, we feel it is necessary to support the unbelievably talented, experienced, and highly-qualified teacher-authors on who are creating materials that are as good as, and in many cases, better than what is currently available in the “mainstream” educational market. Simply Novel Publishing is prepared to help everyday teacher-authors get their own innovative materials published and into the hands of more teachers around the world.

With our long-time expertise, connections, and experience in the educational publishing industry, Simply Novel is determined to change the landscape of the mainstream educational market - to recognize the work teacher-authors are doing – and make sure more teachers and their students have access to these quality materials that would not otherwise be available through mainstream educational publishing. Best of all, as a small publisher with hands-on experience and a personal touch, we are able to recognize and appreciate manuscripts and materials that large, traditional publishers have all but ignored.

We have several options available to help get your materials into the mainstream market. From merely helping you get your materials in print so you can sell them yourself, to our Ultimate Publishing Bundle - Royalty Option that takes your creations and markets them through venues and opportunities such as, educational school supply conferences and catalogs, and an established social media audience and pays you a royalty for each sale, we have something for everyone!

One of the most unique aspects of Simply Novel’s publishing program is that we give potential clients two choices: clients can keep copyright ownership of their materials, or transfer copyright ownership of their materials to Simply Novel. For those who wish to market and sell their own materials in their own way, under their own copyright, we offer Print on Demand Services, a variety of individualized services such as copy-editing and formatting, and several all-inclusive bundles that package many of our services for a discounted price. For those who are not interested in taking on the printing, marketing, and sales beasts, and are willing to transfer copyright to Simply Novel, we can either purchase your materials from you for one lump sum, or we can enter you into our Ultimate Publishing Bundle - Royalty Option so you can reap the benefits ($) of your creative work with our marketing and sales funnel, without doing the work yourself.