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Because I Say So: Live Your Life with Clarity and Courage
Because I Say So: Live Your Life with Clarity and Courage
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In a world where it seems rare and nearly impossible to embrace who you are and live your dreams, discovering your authentic and powerful self is critical. It is possible to let go, identify who you really are, and live the life you truly want. Through a candid narrative and powerful distinctions, Because I Say So guides you on a journey to break through feeling lost, insecure, and powerless—to feeling confident, free, and empowered to live your life on your terms.

Because I Say So will give you the opportunity and the tools to:

  • Get clear with what you want out of life
  • Recognize and break through patterns of doubt, fear, and comparison
  • Learn to believe in yourself and find your own voice
  • Live deliberately and powerfully, in the present moment
  • Have stronger relationships
  • Commit to your goals and live your dreams

Kristen Bowers, the founder of Simply Novel and Transformational Trainer, faced heartbreak, divorce, debilitating depression, financial ruin, and the loss of her business before she took a good, hard look at what her life had become, and who she had become in the process. With candid honesty, humor, and practical straight-talk, Kristen gives you the tools to help you to get real with where you are in your life right now, get clear about where you want to be, and take the courageous steps to get there. Through practical strategies and journal work, Kristen helps you face the myth of fearlessness, let go of the burdens of shame and guilt, find and live your purpose, embrace your authentic self, and learn how to achieve your goals intentionally and courageously.

You deserve to live a life of purpose, passion, and limitless possibility—because YOU say so!

Notes About This Product
  • This is a special LIMITED EDITION release! Autographed by the author, Kristen Bowers. If you would like a personalized message or your name included with your copy, please indicate this at checkout.